Encompassing on this pristine journey has brought to my attention that the nature of texts has many unopened layers to explore therefore stretching the boundaries of what can be revealed to individuals and society. Through ones senses, to their physical surroundings as well as ones briefly educated mind, there is so much more to learn and discover in this great big blue ball we call earth.

To the individuals of today’s era, visual being is represented at the main core of their world as individuals rely on this guiding sense thus blurring out the rest. Unfortunately, I was apart of that community. A carefully sculpted poem written by Judith Wright titled “Rockface” this passing week has shown me otherwise. On all accounts Wright’s underlining meaning lies within the land. How the land is personified to expose that it is it’s own being reaching out to her, “In the days of the hunters with spears, this rock had a name”, through it’s strong sense of soul. Another insight which stood with me was how Wright had painted this beautiful mind filling picture of setting the meaning of the important of the Australian landscapes in the last stanza “The remnant of a mountain has it’s own meaning”, opposed to the materialistic views which society have upheld.

Wright’s incredible tribute to the land has allowed the country surroundings to teach individuals and society that materialistic value is being overtaken by one’s respect towards the significance of Australian landscape.

My personal connection with this poem has been the identity thief that the mountain is assumed to be shown as. The relation I possess with this is throughout high school the commonality of being alike another person dulled the true unique identity which no one can take or compare too.

I hope everyone enjoyed my take on Societal Responses to Literature in our current timeframe. Leave a comment below!



*Judith Wright, “Rockface” from “The Shadow of Fire: Chazals” (1985)

Written by Annaliese Ferraro


5 thoughts on “#1 Societal Responses to Literature in this timeframe

  1. I feel that you have effectively captured the true feelings apparent in Judith Wrights “Rockface.” I agree with you when you mention “materialistic value” because it tends to be surrounding our lives more and more every day. It is nice to see that a person is able to take a step back from the reality of societal influences such as; phones and Ipads to really appreciate this Earth and what it has to offer, along with the connection of its meaning.

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  2. I will first off start by saying that this post defiantly churned a giggle or two; “great big blue ball we call earth”. To put a little structure into this comment, I will give you a positive and negative of your post. There is a great breakdown of the poem here and you connected it nicely to your own experience in high school which is always a relatable topic. However, I did get a little lost here, as if there wasn’t an overarching point here. I will part by saying that I took something away from this post for my own knowledge but I do advice just reading your work out loud and see how you find it. Keep up the great work!


    1. Thankyou for that! I really appreciate your opinion, and perspective on my #1 blog post!
      I will take everything you said onboard and I’ll try my hardest to make it better!

      In your comment I had to read it a few times and then I realised it’s advise* , sorry love


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