Friday afternoon my tutorial took place in a new arena, the Art Gallery of NSW. Within the gallery, it holds many unique and meaningful 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces that entice the eye of the beholder.

A piece that struck a cord with me was Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s painting the “Three Bathers” which was created in 1913. Kirchner was an essential part of the German history of expressionism. This can be vividly seen within this painting that can have many different individual interpretations that come along with them. The reason I chose this artwork to speak about today was because whilst analysing its visual features I felt vulnerable as well, just like the women in the painting. It almost felt as if the skinny woman was stronger and had more confidence opposed to the larger woman.


At first glance, I saw three naked women, huddled together, one behind the other, upon the great blue waves that surrounded them in the framework. The longer I look the more I could identify. The women weren’t huddling they in fact were hiding behind each other. The scarce positioning of their eyes reveals their worry and the dispossession of their own emotions captured in that exact moment. Their body language hunched over and hiding also led on to portray a scared unknowing of what lies in the future. Using this mechanism of hunching down their backs and hiding would protect them from the unknown. The larger body size of the women the more vulnerable they became. When I identified this I became entirely appreciative of the artwork because it resonated something inside of me and I too would hide if I were the third woman. Another idea arose as the skinnier lady was placed at the front expressing the motion that the skinner woman is more comfortable and stronger in the body she was given. I see this artwork as both a foreshadowing of dark times ahead i.e. the war but as well giving the viewers a cloudy visual about female nudity and how it affects the women themselves. Are those issues connected or just a very thought through painting.


5 thoughts on “#4 Art Gallery Visit

  1. Annaliese: you have some good ideas but your writing needs much more careful editing. You actually need help with your basic English. Someone reading this would find difficulty understanding exactly what you are saying. Can you get Academic Skills to help?
    *Please attend to editing your work carefully. Here is what I have picked up:
    *‘Three Bathers” = “Three Bathers”
    * it’s visual features= its [it’s=it is [this is one of those odd exceptions in the English Language where the normal use of ‘s for possessive case or ownership has been upstaged.]
    * they in fact where hiding= they in fact were hiding
    *it resinated something = it resonated something
    *as the skinner lady = as the skinnier lady

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  2. Wow Annaliese! I never even looked at the artwork the way you did. As Michael has already touched on what he would like to see fixed, there isn’t much for me to say other than thank you for sharing your views on this artwork 🙂 ! Definitely made me reevaluate my views on the artwork.

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  3. Hi Annaliese,

    I liked the connections you made in your analysis between the context at the time of Kirchner and our modern world. As well as the good points you made, you could have gone even further to mention the juxtaposition and irony of the smaller, weaker seeming woman being the strongest morally.

    I liked reading your blog post, however a few minor grammatical errors need to be adjusted.

    Good work 🙂

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