Monday- 13/03/17

Upon arrival to my practicum, there were a lot of unanswered questions which stirred up my nerves. I kept thinking to myself is this really what I want to do with my life?, will I be any good? Will I stuff up! Fortunately, as soon as I entered Year 1 Silver everything was placed into perspective. As I entered a corner classroom with a great view, I saw thirty-odd eyes beam up at me, now making me a figure of importance. I sat as my assigned Prac teacher said “Goodmorning Miss Ferraro and may God bless you”. All of a sudden she had given me a place of responsibility in the classroom. I was amazed to see how technologically advanced schools have become with not only having a smart board but an extra computer board in the room.

My assigned teacher took the method idealised by behaviourist B.F Skinner on Operant Conditioning by using positive and negative reinforcement. He professed that there are two different ways of treating a student. For example, when asking a difficult question in the year 1 class the teacher then asked the student to answer it on the smart board, if the question was correct and the student accomplished it by themselves they earn a point on the online classroom dojo URL. My Prac teacher also used negative reinforcement, when distracted students weren’t paying attention or began talking to their friends, she had them relocated from their carpet to sit with her. Therefore making the students aware of their actions and enduring the consequences.


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