Write a paragraph describing your own city or suburb using some of the literary language techniques that we have seen working in Charles Dickens.

I wanted to reflect on the suburb I live in. The area where for the past 10 years has made up the person I am today, the people, the houses, the community centres.

Horsley, oh Horsley once was a beautiful piece of green land which could be paced back all the way to the Father himself. You couldn’t see much just land upon the land upon the land. The formation of houses, the local pub, the nearby grocery store which was only 5 minutes away were all pivotal industrial movements to make my area boom and current. This form of a ‘boom’ turned into a destruction of landscapes. A quiet place emerged as a suburb known for its late night hooligan led drives. Although due to the many changes, in a sense the community has grown closer. The many of the locals know each other by name and greet them with a sense of family. This is my suburb, this is my home.




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