After a 4 week hiatus, my practicum starting back up again yesterday. I wanted to relate it back to last week’s lecture. During the lecture, we spoke about motivation, having goals, and why they improve individuals performance.

In my prac this week the teacher explained knowing the difference between what is deemed as fact and what is deemed as opinion. Although this is part of their school’s curriculum I believe, is a very important lesson that they can use in their schooling it also is something that they can use in their personal experiences.  Students, of course, at first glance confused fact and opinion but in time started to understand the process.

One of the students became so furious with themselves because they couldn’t grasp the content. So with the ‘all clear’ from the classroom teacher, I sat down with them and worked with them to find an easy solution in remembering the difference between the two. Fact, is something that has concrete evidence, and opinion is your own thoughts on what you think. The way I set it out for him is to write 2 facts and 2 opinions about his time at school and then he’d be able to use the portable whiteboard to complete the rest of his work. As he is one of the ESL students (arriving here from Lebanon 2 months ago) in my class being rewarded with something as simple as using the whiteboard can be a motivational booster to continue to work on the task at hand. As well, the whiteboard is something that is seen as enjoyable and fun so it takes the strain off the student when they are learning and having fun simultaneously.

In like manner, another ESL student who I took two weeks ago has now excelled with her individual performance. By identifying words and colours and how they correlate. Although I am assisting in a year one class, the pleasure of seeing students overcome these barriers and improve still makes me proud to know that I’m implementing the ideas and strategies that I learn about in lectures and tutorials.



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