This week’s prac experience was very eventful, as I not only aided inside the classroom but outside the classroom as I was allocated recess duty on the grass area. By having this responsibility to watch over the students carefully gave me a true sense of what it would be like in any teacher’s shoes. The key factors that I needed to watch for were contact of any kind, e.g. touching, pushing, kicking etc. To make sure that each student who arrived at the grass area was wearing a hat, which is a firm rule made by the school. As well as the teacher on duty asked me to watch out for any verbal or physical fights which might occur, to settle them by simply talking it out or if I became too difficult to call on her. A situation did occur were a few boys who funnily enough were in the class I was assisting in were playing tips. A young boy went to tip and instead of tipping the other students shoulder he hit him firmly in the chest. Not knowing that what he did was wrong as this particular boy has bad asthma and has been away for a couple of days I had to assess to see if this was a situation I could handle or not. Firstly, I asked for them both to describe what had happened then I got the young boy who tipped the other to apologise. Knowing that this was a physical incident, which could then in future affect the boy, I told the teacher on duty so then she could direct what would happen next. I’m glad I got to experience such an incident because it has allowed me to be involved and understand what the correct steps are to take for situations such as these.


In last week’s lecture, we spoke about managing learning in the classroom. When I first engaged in the information I immediately related it to my time at prac this semester. Firstly, the physical and social learning aspect was something I remembered very heavily. Physical learning, I associated as the way my teacher in charge positions her students on the floor. She places her obedient learning in the middle, her distracters closer to her and her shy ones in front of the obedient children. I questioned the methods to her madness but she believes in order to have a cohesive classroom the whereabouts of the students play a major role in how they learn. The social learning aspect would be the ability to have students work in groups. In order for this to work smoothly, for example, in reading groups, groups are formed due to the level one is up to. Although you might not necessarily be in the same friendship group as the people who are made up of these groups, students can indeed learn off one another. An alternative factor would be the methods in which is taught. The teacher I’ve been paired up with uses an equal balance of physical writing activities and technological task. She completes this by engaging students in activities that are attractive to them This could be when learning about phonics she’d ask the students to sound out any words they couldn’t spell and use the phonics card sounds to help them out. As well, using technological devices such as Ipad’s, computers and the Smart-board to refine their motor and coordination. An item which a constant in classroom management would be administrative roles. In the year one classroom, to mark the role there is a lily pad set up and 28 frogs with the student’s names on them. The teacher asks the students to find their name and drag it to the pad in order to see who is here and who isn’t. In this time she also collects sick notes, charity money and special homework for the students who have done extra advanced work or who struggle with certain areas.


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