Today like any other Monday at Prac I helped the classroom teacher with administrative elements of the morning. She said to me, she wouldn’t know what she’d do without my help with roll call, sick/away notes, special homework and spelling because having the extra pair of hands speeds up the work and allows her lesson to plan to go on schedule. Being a part of community engagement has made a big impact on me because I’m starting to understand over the past few weeks how truly draining and how much hard work goes into just one day of teaching.

In today’s lesson the year one student’s were introduced to a new ‘strategy’ called sequencing. As someone who hasn’t gone through elements as basic as this, it was refreshing to once again remember what it was like to be a child and learning the fundamentals in which are so commonly forgotten in my time.

When looking back at a theory i learnt a few weeks back on humanist approaches to learning it corealted with a sitation which occured today. Although these students are still young and unable to fully be applicable to the theory, there was a thought on Abrahan Maslow’s Hierachy of needs.

In his conclusion, he believes that in order to fulfil goodness and wholeness one must reach self actualisation, sequencally. When looking at sequencing in class I thought it would be a great link toa situation that occured today. There are a minor cluster of students who have immigrated here from Lebanon. One student in particular continues to struggle in grasping the language and therefore acts out because of it. By going through Maslows hiearchy anyone can see that there are many limitations to young people, such as what they would be going through at the time. The order of the needs are not catering for his situation. If I was able to swap needs I would say “Safety” and “Self-Esteem” should be combined. In the young boys case, it may with the help of motivational strategies such as positive reinforcement, to allow him to believe in his abilities and be able learn from his mistakes  in the future.


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