Emily Dickinson, an inspiration to all and commonly recognised as “Mother of Poetry”. Dickinson writes in an abstract form, through my eyes a collection of her poems surround personal freedom. Today, I choose to write about a persona who is trapped through society grind. Re-telling in the theme of Dickinson, however, spun with my personal writing style.

I cannot live without you,
She said through all the liquor and wine –
He brought fair speech, however –
We are only made from the Divine.

This lust she speaks of,
is only just that.
Her desire has been manipulated –
from a girl fame wrapped.

Told – ‘Love is a riddle,
cloaked by thirst’,
But maybe it’s just greed
that got to her first.

Her appetite is pleased,
for only a short while –
she starts to grieve
such a quiet denial.

The words “I love you”
are never mentioned through this tidal.

As her mind felt freak-show closes in
So does her true yearning.

The bottle becomes empty,
as the last drop slashes down the aisle.

– Annaliese Ferraro




13 thoughts on “#3 Dickinson, The Mother of Poetry

  1. Hi Annaliese! I really enjoyed your poem that is in the writing style of Emily Dickson. I feel that it really captures one of society’s ways of dealing and handling rejection which (from what I had gathered from your poem) is alcoholism. You have taken this style but have modernised it in a way that resonates with today’s society. Good job 😀

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  2. Hi Annaliese, 

    I completely agree with your idea of Dickinson’s poetry being based on personal freedom. She creates her own methods of worship and solace which do not always coincide with traditional, dogmatic systems but she does what works for her. 

    Your poem was great! Very cohesive, creative and entertaining. 

    I really loved it. You captured the inner thinkings of Dickinson effectively while incorporating your personal input which married in so well. 

    Great job!


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  3. Hi Annaliese,
    It’s lovely to read something from a different unit! This piece was fantastic, very emotive and creative. I truly felt a connection to your writing. It gave me the opportunity to reflect and understand the different concepts your learning about in American Literature opposed to Reading Australia. Thank you for such a great entry.
    All the best for the rest of the semester 🙂


  4. Hi Annaliese, 

    I really enjoyed your modern take on Emily Dickinson. I loved how you tried to capture Emily’s writing style while still being true to your own style. The way you encompassed a rhyming scheme made your poem really enjoyable to read. I think you have a hidden talent!

    For next time try and shorten your poem! Less is more 🙂 Keep up the good work xx 



  5. Hey Anneliese, you have written an amazing poem! I love how you blended the style of Dickinson into a more modern idea – it truly shows how timeless her poems are. The structure I feel follows Dickinson very closely and the rhyming and rhythm flowed naturally but still portrayed the emotions of the poem. I look forward to further entries! 🙂

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