Hi Jackson,

Your blog post, although short and simple has just the right amount of description to eagerly want a continuation of some sort and an ongoing story of an outsider looking into the relationship between Huck and Jim. Personally, your strongest point in this blog is in your introductory paragraph where you lay out the scenery. It is almost like the reader can visualize that in this particular moment the persona is completely dazed and fascinated by his surroundings, the boat, the sun, and most of all the body of water. The “blissful stillness” which you have created is fantastic. Also, the comparison between the two persona’s Huck and Jim illustrate how intense an unknown companionship could be and the beauty behind the adventure for the travelers.

Overall, this is a great entry, however, the addition of an image to capture the scenery would be a perfect finisher to such a well-written blog!

– Annaliese




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