# Peer Review 8

Dear Ronny,

Your entire set out of the website is really refreshing. The thing I like the most is you have a gap/divide between your weekly writings and your referencing and any images you add.
The blog you’ve presented is simple and concise and I indeed agree with some of the points you’ve addressed. The notion you put forward to Virginia Woolf about writing being the type that is “unconstrained by conventions of the past” truly encompasses the what she writes. The comparison between unique and “abstract manner” pieces to artwork really stuck with me because I also do consider all types of writing to be a form of artwork.
Your blog identifies the purpose of non-conventional writing. Keep up the good work 🙂




# Peer Review 7

Dear Serena,
I really appreciate someone who can take the time and effort out to detail and pull apart a thought-provoking essay such as this one. The way in which approached the letter through your structure and your clear and concise diction provided me with a sense of realisation why George Orwell stated the English language to be “ugly”. I also really enjoyed the connection you made to an excerpt from George Bush’s “War on Terror”. It depicted that good writing can be used with words used in “everyday life”.
Overall you’ve done a brilliant job but maybe a photograph might have given us readers a visual opening to the letter you have written for your blog.

– Annaliese.



# Peer Review 6

Hi Emily,
I love how simple and clear your blog this week is and simultaneously is summary and honesty is brilliant.
Your relation to the reader, the story and the author all connect really well. I also appreciate anyone who has the IT skills and knowledge to provide an addition video, it was awesome!
One thing you maybe could have added was an elaboration on how reading this text affected you.
Overall, you’ve done a great job, I’ll be looking out for your blogs more often! 🙂



# Peer Review 5

Hi Gabrielle,
This week your blog was extremely insightful as I too have discovered a new fondness to T.S Elliot’s work. I appreciate the fact that you identified what Modernism actually is and added your own interpretation of it. I feel that through Professor Barry Spur’s Lecture you learn’t why Elliot wrote how he wrote and the reasons he chose certain words to express what he was saying.
I think that if you gave a little bit more detail on ‘The Hollowmen’ it would of made your blog more complete!
Overall you’ve done a fantastic job!


# Peer Review 4

Hi Ngaire,
I found your blog this week to be very creative and expressive of your own understanding of the lifestyle of war. I picked up a Wilfred Owen reference within your writing, “Dignified custom of the passing bells passes away”, which I found to be very daring but I believe you pulled it off really well. The last four lines really struck me the most as the most truthful words were spoken of in the most simplest of words. The only thing I can say is that you could include a few more lines of sensory imagery. The reader can image your words but it would be more effective if they could be there and hear it as well.
Overall you’ve done a great job!
– Annaliese


#Peer Review 3

Hey Brittney,
In this week’s blog you expressed you’re trip to the art gallery and I thought it was brief but brilliant. I commend the fact that you decided to detail two artworks instead of just one, it was a good addition to your blog as it shows diversity in what you saw. One thing that i could critic on was that if you chose two pieces that you could of chose one which was 2D and another which was 3D such as a sculpture to show differing techniques.
Overall it was a great entry this week!!



#2 Peer Review

Hi Sibel,
I found you interpretation and extension of the ‘Heart of Darkness’ quote to be rather intriguing. I particularly liked the fact that you created a paragraph with short sentences to co-exist with the rapid scenery that was painted around your main character. Even though it gives no back story to the character it made me want to read on and to read more. In like manner, the connection between the image portraying slavery and the initial reaction of your protagonist gaining new information was something I extremely enjoyed. The final line, “My thoughts were heavy, I had never imagined that this would occur and now I carry a burden which I can longer ignore.” , was a brilliant addition to make the reader feel persuaded to want more.
All in all, you’ve done a really great job!

– Annaliese



#1 Peer Review

Wow. As this is the first blog that I’ve read other than my own, I cannot believe what i have just read. The entire blog focuses on an outer perspective and comparing a dandelion to the human experience. I comprehended your blog to be a fantastically formed metaphor of what life throws at individuals and shapes them to how they are today. I particularly loved the sentence “…how the softest pressure of breath removed all of the petals from the stem and the light weight of the individual petals were able to be carried and lifted by the wind.”. Overall you’ve done an incredible job, I was moved by the smallest of experiences.