#8 The many voices of Faulkner

CREATIVE: Using any one of Faulkner’s 15 character voices as a guide, create a paragraph in the voice of a character totally different to yourself. Think about people you might have overheard on the train or bus, or someone you might have seen randomly on a street corner. Invent their life, their consciousness in a paragraph. Who knows it might become the start of a larger work!

Clear as day… the sky,

Something so blue and pure that never can let me down,

A wondrous entity, a mystery, the source of my clarity,

How can this being so still in its own natural habitat be the one constant, which is my reason for waking up,

The simplicity is un-caning; the inner beauty is just striking as the many emotions of one’s self-arises,

Deep blue intertwining with thunderous greys allude to the dark times ahead,

It is like the periods in life that I am finally content are where darkness invites itself to the party of my life,


I enjoy such a guest,

I fail to notice it’s arrival underneath all the bright skies; the charcoal moments are a normality which I do not ever push away.

Annaliese Ferraro 


Faulkner’s ‘As I Lay Dying’ displays a range of voices each different from each other. These voices hold personal opinions; differing tones of voice and even a spark which makes them stand out and be unique.

I created this persona intentionally to introduce someone completely different to myself. However, this voice is the voice of myself that I struggle to address or come to terms with so technically this is foreign. This version of myself isn’t illiterate or finds it difficult to articulate the truth behind all the thought flying in my mind


#3 Dickinson, The Mother of Poetry

Emily Dickinson, an inspiration to all and commonly recognised as “Mother of Poetry”. Dickinson writes in an abstract form, through my eyes a collection of her poems surround personal freedom. Today, I choose to write about a persona who is trapped through society grind. Re-telling in the theme of Dickinson, however, spun with my personal writing style.

I cannot live without you,
She said through all the liquor and wine –
He brought fair speech, however –
We are only made from the Divine.

This lust she speaks of,
is only just that.
Her desire has been manipulated –
from a girl fame wrapped.

Told – ‘Love is a riddle,
cloaked by thirst’,
But maybe it’s just greed
that got to her first.

Her appetite is pleased,
for only a short while –
she starts to grieve
such a quiet denial.

The words “I love you”
are never mentioned through this tidal.

As her mind felt freak-show closes in
So does her true yearning.

The bottle becomes empty,
as the last drop slashes down the aisle.

– Annaliese Ferraro