#8 Peer Review

Hey Nadia,

Your post regarding Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying” and your own personal connection to the human heart forge great moments for the human psyche to expand on ideas which Faulkner brings to the table. First and foremost, the beginning line, “The difficulties, experiences, and the euphoric memories that bring happiness during times in our lives.” feels a bit short and brief maybe you could expand on these feelings and how they may be the sole reason for happiness or even heartache. The metaphor of the human heart is like a “tug of war” is such a good reflection of the heart. When you get to the middle the sentences feel like you have so much to say which makes the sentences feel congested. Having a look at some linking verbs would be a great way to form a relationship between the many ideas you want to discuss.

Overall, I love the concept that you have been able to express from “As I Lay Dying” and Faulkner’s Nobel prize speech, as well as the image/quote of Faulkner’s, is personally one of my favourites!

Keep up the great work!

– Annaliese 🙂




#7 Peer Review

Hey Josh!,
Firstly, I would like to say what a critical but also creative vibe your blog post has. I really like the fact that in the beginning line you have defined what the quote, “A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom… it runs a course of lucky events and ends in the clarification of life.”

You have defined both the transparent and opaque meanings which you can identify from Robert Frost’s quote which allows your readers to have more context and comprehension of Frost’s meaning behind his words. The fact that you were emotionally reminded of such words in ‘Destined to Fly’, revealed your own connection and understanding as well as triggers of going forth with one idea and being completely encompassed with another.

All in all, a great post, however, the addition of an image depicting Frost’s meaning would have been the icing on the cake. As well as, the placement of the first stanza of ‘Destined to Fly’ doesn’t link up with the rest!

– Annaliese


#6 Peer Review

Hi Jackson,

Your blog post, although short and simple has just the right amount of description to eagerly want a continuation of some sort and an ongoing story of an outsider looking into the relationship between Huck and Jim. Personally, your strongest point in this blog is in your introductory paragraph where you lay out the scenery. It is almost like the reader can visualize that in this particular moment the persona is completely dazed and fascinated by his surroundings, the boat, the sun, and most of all the body of water. The “blissful stillness” which you have created is fantastic. Also, the comparison between the two persona’s Huck and Jim illustrate how intense an unknown companionship could be and the beauty behind the adventure for the travelers.

Overall, this is a great entry, however, the addition of an image to capture the scenery would be a perfect finisher to such a well-written blog!

– Annaliese



#5 Peer Review

Hey Biancah,

Your blog this week was a real interpretation on how Mark Twain uses his description of nature to enhance the quality of life and the environment he observes in allowing momentous however simplistic elements to arise! I appreciate that you have included this quote, “a whippowill and a dog crying about somebody that was going to die; and the wind was trying to whisper something to me”, as it refers to the natural elements of life all having voices in our world which we accidentally may ignore.Twain’s writing is so raw and intuitive that it allows the readers to capture the essence of the being with nature, the stillness of emotional break one is able to be a part of with nature. You’ve done a great job, however,  a little extra description of what you received from reading this novel has done to your perspective of nature would create a better blog.

– Annaliese 🙂


#4 Peer Review

Hi Ngaire,

I to choose this blog topic to answer as I believe “Going to meet the man” is such a confronting piece of text which allows for many ideas and outlooks to come out when reading it. The character Jesse as you have described ‘experiences growing up in a racist society’. As a result of this, it reveals the harsh reality that individuals of colour faced as well as being objectified to the power of the white people. I appreciate the fact that you have included certain techniques such as rhetorical’s, imagery and simile in your blog as it alerts readers to be inclusive as well as having an insight into the grotesque events which occur in Baldwin’s text.

My critics are that a picture expressing your opinion or highlighting the key points which you were addressing would have created such a perfect finisher to your blog. As well, I can see that one of your paragraphs are larger than the rest, although that might be the way you’ve typed in the structure of the paragraphs looks a little unbalanced but other than that you’ve done an incredible job with this entry!

– Annaliese



#3 Peer Review

Hey Raina,

Firstly, this is a great blog, good job!
What a lovely blog describing Dickinson, her poetry and the meaning she professes behind them. I was surprised with the way you expressed her poetry in true fashion to her lifestyle and beliefs. Although your sentences are short and sharp they are straight to the point identifying the reasons why she chose to write the way she did.

Moreover, if I did have anything to critic it might be that I thought your blog lacked a personal opinion. What I mean is although these facts about her are great maybe adding how they make you feel or how it makes readers feel in today’s day and age may add extra quality to an already great piece!

Keep up the great work!

– Annaliese



#2 Peer Review

Hey Tylah,

I really was impressed by your take on both Emerson and Thoreau’s works.

I feel as though you engaged more with Thoreau’s Walden as it allowed you to question aspects in your life when using the term “eye opener”. Not only for yourself but it makes other readers aware of how materialistically consumed society has become. When you began to address Emerson, you beautifully stated the importance of the metaphor a “transparent eyeball”. This reveals how currently, we are made to see ideas, motions and change through somebody else’s vision and we have forgotten to think for ourselves.

All in all, I really enjoyed your blog and how you truly felt from the works of these poets. Although by adding an image to display what you have written would have been a great feature!

Keep up the great blogs!

– Annaliese



#1 Peer Review

Hey Biancah,

For your first entry in the category, American Literature, you have done a tremendous job in capturing the essence of how in this day and age ‘nature ISN’T… the first thought that would come to one’s mind’. Not only have you reflected how symbolic the world around the Native American people is you’ve also created a critical account which is easily accessible to any kind of reader. This is a great strength to possess in your writing style. I also appreciate how you put forward a forethought or idea to your readers in experiencing the great outdoors by removing themselves from a technologically advanced world and fuel processed society to experience the serenity that nature possesses. On top of that, the addition organisation websites are a fantastic finisher to your first blog!

You’ve done a beautiful job! One critic I have is to add maybe one more quote from – I become part of it. !

– Annaliese 🙂